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"I had a lot of breakthroughs in the time I worked with you. I think that even just making a decision to work through this was so beneficial. Maria, was so wonderful to work with. Kind, supportive and relatable. You were compassionate with me but also weren’t afraid to challenge me with my beliefs. You used personal stories that made me feel like I wasn’t a huge screw up when it came to finance and showed me a better way of working through all of it. I feel like so much is possible when it comes to finance right now. I understand that it’s all energy and that when we see it as an energetic exchange it doesn’t seem so scary. Thank you so much!"


"As a result I am now taking more action in every area of my life. Even though many of the methods I knew before I started to work with Maria, her coaching helped me to actually implement them in everyday life, because she provided the missing pieces and so much needed clarity and support. "


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